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Saturday, November 01, 2003

Im So Freakin’ Happy

I have so much to look forward to. Two special reunions in December and a SUPER special introduction in April. AND a possible canine sighting in November.
Im blessed. How lucky can one girl be? More info later.

I saw the most gorgeous dress today. One day it will be mine. If I sacrificed groceries for 2 weeks it would have a permanent home in my closet…I wonder if it’s worth copious amounts of Crix and cheese…. Just possibly.

And just in case I don’t get to blog tomorrow… HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance to the pinkslip aka Groucho Marx.

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Friday, October 31, 2003

Home Alone on A Friday Night…. AGAIN!
OK this story is getting old. I’ve done the stay at home thing, I’ve done the movies by myself thing (oh too many times), I’ve done the I don’t need company thing…. And its getting tired. In actuality I’m just vex cause my cable got scrambled. But that means I don’t got a thing to do but study… and I’m just not in the mood for that.
I wont lie, I have a friend that comes to visit me on occasion and he’s my movie partner as well… but I cant depend on him solely for company. The last thing I need is to get attached to somebody… the VERY LAST THING I NEED!! But lets admit… woman cannot live by vibrating cell phones, massagers and cable TV alone. Anyways….I’m confident this will work itself out. There’s a reason IM torturing myself.
I’m watching 106 & Park through the fuzz and my man Fabolous is on. And what I can see every few seconds the TV sorts itself out is still looking as good as ever. I love me some throwbacks. D-D-D-D-AMN!

Nerd Like Me
Im proud to say I did well in my Opthamology exam. Did second best in the class, Got me an A. Yes I rock on with my bad self. And I did well in my Anaesthesiology exam today…possibly better. But I have to brace myself for some bad results. I was raped by Public Health and Large Animal Medicine. It wont be happening again though. I love how it feels to do well and I need all the thrills I can get.

Life is good. Even if it’s a tad quiet/boring


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Thursday, October 30, 2003

You Can Lead A Horse To Water
but you cant make it drink. But if he doesnt want to drink your water...then do you even want him to drink it? Cant imagine why someone wouldnt want to drink my water.....

Thick Like Molasses, Sweet Like Sugar Cane
Im in an exceptional mood. One of my dearest friends is concerned about my self image and esteem. Its not the greatest in the world but its intact and functioning well. I may say some things on here that seem like Im putting myself down... Im just realistic. When I say I cant pull off a costume modelling gig...Im not fishing for compliments or degrading myself... I just know my limitations. Thats all. And while I cant compete with most trini women body-wise, I hold my own quite well. I have a even small fan base:) And Im smart...and the face is above average. I got alot going for myself. AND Im going to be a Doctor. guys dig the white coat/ scrubs thing.
well now that im done tooting my own horn...

What the hell is going on with that new song "Nookie is Good" or something like that...

I get my weed for free?
That juicy juicy....??

oh... and I totally love my family


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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Im Not Bad...I was just drawn that way.

walking home for lunch just now, I hear, "Redz, yuh bottom in that jumper just looking rude!" hmmm....
Ade with scruffy hair, in coveralls covered in shit, literally smelling like a cow's ass (rectal palpation again) is rude looking. I wonder what he meant by rude.

Whats new?

dads in trickybad
got the coolest lavender rug from mums...i feel like decorating again.
ive gained all kinds of weight. I think i look "sexy" this way. but i might be alone in that thought so i have to lose it before the section launch in a week and some.
nothing more

that is all


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Monday, October 27, 2003

Im Psychic
this is the second time that ive decided to write someone i havent heard in ages only to find an email from them waiting for me in my inbox.
its nice to know that even though im not in touch with someone they still think of me occasionally. gosh i miss ny...for multiple reasons

now if only my abilities extended to that exam i just took. It really unfaired me. but thats the result when youre slave to the whims and fancies of your emotions and you give into PMS madness. but this is the scare i needed to ace the next exam.... I hope


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