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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Housewife Hacked To 6
Unfortunately the loss of this woman's life isnt worth page 2 news. But alleged racism in some school is more important. I hope if Im hacked to death I could at least pull a page 3.

No Man, No Cry
Having a GUY means having EXPECTATIONS which inevitably brings DISAPPOINTMENTS which bring on the WATERWORKS. SO...MAN = EXPECTATIONS + DIAPPOINTMENTS = TEARS therefore MAN = TEARS..and by extension NO MAN = NO CRY

in theory

lonely me

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

as hot as i am... i dont think i could have pulled this one off. im not the costume model type unfortunately.
nice costume though huh?

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Exam Today
I have Public Health today. Im not going to do very well. Why? you ask. Let me explain. I did all the reading and writing little notes all week. And then yesterday I was ill so i stayed at home. Ample time to go over the handouts and make Public Health my bitch. That's ALL i had to do to put the nails in PH's coffin. BUT I just couldnt bring myself to care. F*CK PH! I hate that stupid useless course. No interest whatsoever in meat inspection. My downfall. Interest inspires me.
SO I watched South Park, Real World and Newlyweds (season finale) cooked and had a restful night with lots of sleep.

My Illness
I threw up yesterday afternoon after being nauseous all morning. I got a surprise call from my sister and relayed my problem to her. First words out her mouth... You pregnant huh? I going tell mummy.

Another person inqured about my health and i told him.... same response.

Lord a woman cant throw up without being accused of being with child.

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Monday, October 20, 2003

my weekend
i studied, cleaned the ENTIRE apartment and slept. Had lots of alone time. Right now Im so content with my life. I love where Im at.
Cant sleep...

BLOODY HELL! Insomnia again! no sleep til 3am. so i stayed up watching the lady from Kings of Queens get married. I cried (imacheese). I dont know whats my fixation with this topic. its not even like my biological clock is ticking. and im as far from marriage as ive been in YEARS (like 6 or so) . anyways

life is good

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