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Saturday, October 04, 2003

And To Quote Sean Paul...

A promise is a comfort to a fool

Im up... and its 5:30. I dont mind though... it was for a good cause.
Im so spoilt. I get jitters when I dont get my standard daily call. I can rest easy now;)

Crashing by the pinkslip...long story... and being up at odd hours has its benefits. I just finished chatting with one of my "catch" friends. You know... attractive, intelligent, rich, gonna be a doctor inheriting a practice in a few months... definite "IT" boy. And he's faithful to his long time, long distance gf. I can only imagine the pressure he's under. All you have to do is whisper Doctor and those American females go into a frenzy. He sent me a picture of this girl that wants him.... this chick puts Tyra Banks to shame. And he's being good. His reasoning, "I have a really good girl"

I dont know what my point is. but i just thought that was noteworthy. Maybe I was those things really can work, or there are still lots of good guys left, or some people really have it all.

Well I dont have it all but I have a whole lot.

Thank God

Im Blessed

back to bed


Ade Kinch from URL @ 5:56 AM

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Insomnia Otra Vez
I cant sleep. I dont even know why. I worked myself out really hard at the gym and I came home expecting to fall exhausted into bed. But no. I went to bed after midnight and woke up at 3am........ WHY??????????? Now Im all dressed for the gym and I dont feel like going anymore. I will drag my lazy ass there.... Im so close.
But then I have to think about waiting for the unreliable shuttle. Cant walk home 'cause there's supposed to be some Raper man around campus.
They had one of those police sketches of him at school... and it just made the situation seem more real. Just creepy to see those eyes staring back at you and think of all the awful things hes done to those girls.

Return of The Party Girl

Poison Band launch this weekend. And Ive decided to go. Im not looking bad nowadays... even with my "short do". So yuh nevah know what kinda nice dude I might meet. :)

pause for effect

that was a joke. Im still anti-male right now (except for the chosen;).
But im all up for shaking my bootay and seeing the costumes in living colour, and just having an excuse to look as cutesy as I can.
Do most women like the chance to dress up? I dont like to all the time but Ive been in a mood so long I just need to celebrate the urge to go out again.

And maybe, just maybe I can see Machel and get a much needed ego boost. Unless he get tired of trying to attain the unattainable...(most likely)

anyways... Im outtie


Ade Kinch from URL @ 5:19 PM

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I HATE Anatomy....
I HATE formaldehyde.
I want to go to F*CK home

potcake...tell me all of this is worth it!!!!!!

Ade Kinch from URL @ 2:19 PM

Self Destruction
I dont have cable and I dont have the phone and I dont have my roomies to be chatting with til the wee hours of the morning... so what do I do. Create another vice. I read a novel ALL night last night. from 4 til 2 am. It was a great of those "got me thinking" books. SO of course depression followed because it seems like i dont have much to scream about right now.
and i did no work.
and i have insomnia again.

school always manages to screw with my head.

Ade Kinch from URL @ 9:45 AM

Monday, September 29, 2003

THis weekend was quiet. I went down "South" with my Fam'ly and had a great family lime kinda ting. The food was gorgeous.
Then Sunday I was bored out my mind. I finished my novel around noon and then was forced to study and clean. blah.
And the moods were crazy. Pathetic fallacy. Gloomy like the weather. It rained all day.

I dont even feel like partying anymore. Its like I never have as good a time as I did this vacation with the flam. So why bother? Id rather stay home and read a good book.

Im definitely a changed woman. til carnival;)

Ade Kinch from URL @ 12:19 PM

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