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Saturday, April 19, 2003

ok im happy again.
what a difference a minute makes
off to the beach with my fine plus size self

Ade Kinch from URL @ 2:37 PM


not really, the honeymoon is over. Already.
its like im having a good time here until i see people id rather not see and until the "weight" comments start. Like... am I friggin Anna-nicole or something? I swear I want to punch the next person that tells me about my size. Bajans need to get off the Cosmo sh*t that theyre buying into... really. In Trinidad Im the Sexy Goddess type.... in Barbados every other person wants to know whether Ive lost or gained weight. They need to get over it. really.
Yes Im angry.
I wanted to go to the beach:(
oh well... off to studying i guess

remembering why its hard to come home

Ade Kinch from URL @ 2:36 PM

Friday, April 18, 2003

So Im Here
and this studying at home thing is going to be times harder than i thought. Not because of the beach or other distractions but because this little vampire boy keeps giving me kisses (licks) and smiling with me.
But am I happy to be home?
Hell yeah!
I cant explain the joy i felt flying over Bim this morning and the arrival was all i expected and more.
Anyways.. Im off to study!

this boy got me mesmerise

ade in love signing out

Ade Kinch from URL @ 12:32 PM

Im going home!
vampire boy here comes your aunty

Ade Kinch from URL @ 12:45 AM

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Looking For Some Trouble To Get Into

it seems like i dont have to look too hard. Here I been in my room on the internet 24/7 just about going crazy from the boredom... and apparently i been messing around wid dis body and de next. I love to hear rumours about myself. it makes me laugh at the absurdity of some of them.

and where do men get off with the... "i could get her if i wanted" talk. Get WHO? WHEN? under the influence of what drug and with whose handcuffs?

But this proves my point. youre damned if you do and damned if you dont.

people will make shit up no matter what. so i'll just continue living my life exactly how i please

high profile girl signing out

i need a change of scenery... exam tomorrow and no work being done
i wonder if i could study at the beach

Ade Kinch from URL @ 2:24 AM

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

IM blogging twice a day and sh*t now. I recognise the symptoms.... brought on by intense boredom, lack of attention and lack of testosterone. Its pathological.
yuh know what they say about the devil and idle hands...

i got stress to relieve
wheres that massager?

Ade Kinch from URL @ 1:34 AM

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

No One Is One Way All The Time
Its so much easier to hate someone than to like them. Hating allows comfort and protection from hurt. Liking /loving leaves you open to getting hurt or disappointed. But even the most hate-worthy person has some good in them worth liking. And hate is a useless energy wasting emotion. Although love can be energy draining.... BUT ANYWAYS.
so... my advice again is dont hate.
i shoulda been a hippie
but some people just get on your nerves no matter what... thats just life though

but C.O.T. (sorry for biting daana but its useful:)
the exam sucked today but i got back some marks and im not doing too badly this year. i should be ok.
but im not sweating the little stuff....

talking about little ... my nephew has two teeth and hes making use of them. He bit his granny twice. THATS MY BOY!

proud aunty signing out

Ade Kinch from URL @ 9:16 PM

Right About Now
so im finally stressing about exams. for the first time this school year it seems possible that i might fail. this is why there will be no trip to barbados until after may 16 *insert long drawn out depressed sigh here* and no partying and no relaxing until im sure that i wont be back in this godforsaken place in august. there is no time for resits in my busy schedule.

I had a moment of intense guilt tonight. Im being such a terrible snappy bitch to my friend and im making a habit of it. hes about to leave this place for good and instead of me valuing these last moments im being the most mean and irritable cow (yes heifer) on earth (yes the whole planet). exam stress or not theres no reason to be snapping at people that have been nothing but nice to me.
just one.... more.... month....
lets say a prayer for my sanity

back to the books... exam in five and a half hours

Ade Kinch from URL @ 2:27 AM

Monday, April 14, 2003


just a singlefemale, living the monotonous life in Trini.
aint nothing going on but the rent and the exams.
and i think i prefer it this way.

and i still mean what i say bout lowering standards ( for those who read the pre edit blog) but thats to all women in the world:) not any women in particular. Im just all that and it aint my fault
dont be drinking haterade
take my advice
:) life too short for unnecessary strife... over shit that aint even worth the conversation

Ade Kinch from URL @ 7:02 PM

I was walking out to the bus route this morning (public transP... like eww!!) looking cute as ever (no lie..i wouldnt say it if it wasnt so) and this guy stopped and asked me if i want a lift. I was like.. no thanks... he was like you sure... i was like.. yeah.
Now give me a frigging break... 60 something people been kidnapped in trini.. THIS YEAR!!! so if i get in this man car and he realise that my parents aint got no money to pay him... that would be salt for me... ade off to plasma land...well anyways... that was the excitement in my day!
yeah i know... the monotony of my life is getting to me.

Blog Buddies
who woulda thought i was approachable?? I always thought i gave off this "back off" aura. but apparently people find it easy to talk to me:) isnt that so cute? so im meeting one blogger at a time... soon i'll have a whole bunch of blog buddies to chat with:)

so contrary to common belief... im a nice girl... not a not so nice girl

not so bitchy bitch signing out

Ade Kinch from URL @ 1:37 PM

Sunday, April 13, 2003

im inadequate with the whole studying thing. sleep is much more fun

i heard this song just now and it reminded me of the good ol (not really) days

5 miles to empty - Brownstone

Hurry, hurry, quick, quick
I need a man who's gonna do me right
Hurry, hurry, quick, quick
Somebody who will surely satisfy
When I think of your love
It only makes me stop and wonder
Truly why, oh why
Why would you make me cry, oh baby
2 - 5 miles to empty
My heart is running low, whoa
I need it to fill me up
I need it to give me love yeah
5 miles to empty
My heart is running low, whoa
I need it to fill me up
I need it to give me love

and remember what Beres said
a man who dont sweet treat his woman surely wasting alot of time

Ade Kinch from URL @ 7:18 PM

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