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Saturday, April 12, 2003

The calm...
its amazing the calm i can feel when everything is in turmoil

sometimes im soo naive... for such an experienced person
truly dumb blonde signing out

Ade Kinch from URL @ 10:04 PM

Freedom Of Blog
Lots of random stuff on my mind tonight.
another batch of folks leaving trini and moving on with their lives. There are just so many goodbyes in life, it doesnt seem fair sometimes. And at the end of the semester there will be more goodbyes. And no matter what a great time I had with them here they will be gone from my life forever never to be seen again, solely living in my memories. But C'est la vie. Im used to it now.

I spent 5 hours watching tv tonight. it was pretty impressive. I dont usually like poetry, i think its for people that want to be 'deep' but Def Jam Poets is GREAT! another show to add to my weekly schedule. and now that Real World is over, I can just replace it with Crank Yankers. And the dave shapell show is actually funny as well and it comes conveniently after the new episode of South Park. Oh and Family Business.... you need to watch it. quite interesting to say the least.
Yeah..... my life is full and exciting.... never a dull moment.
:) TV is my anti drug. keeps me outta trouble
addict signing out

Ade Kinch from URL @ 5:05 AM

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Point Form Again
i need not be possessive wid t'ing that aint mine (but b*tch you still need to back the f*ck off)(im just joking..... really!:)

im happy even though im not studying for my exam tomorrow

i just spent a long time chatting with someone ive never met like she's my long time buddy ol pal (it helps that shes crazy just like me)

and radio is really the best at this time of the night

Ade Kinch from URL @ 1:11 AM

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Profound? Eloquent? Neither??

first let me say PMS is real and its a BITCH (get it??:P) Some women are slaves to their hormones.

But anyways...
right now I feel allergic to any male company. I refuse to form any bonds or any kind of affinities for anyone here.
And usually this suits me just fine. This is how I want it.
then some nights.... you think it would be nice to be taken out to dinner again. Some atttention might be nice.

but nah.... its not worth it

there are none deserving of this;)

Psyche, Goddess of The Soul has made a decision and will stick to it

Ade Kinch from URL @ 12:41 PM

Monday, April 07, 2003

Suave Like Rico
It seems that Im going to be a spinster for the rest of my life. It has become apparent that not many have the will and/or fortitude to deal with my shit for any extended period of time. They all start off feeling that they can and time after time i prove em wrong.
so i guess there wont be any little ade's running around the place

time will tell

damn the radio is good at this time of the night

Ade Kinch from URL @ 2:18 AM

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