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Thursday, January 09, 2003

Im A Working Girl
i left work at 730 last night. thats 11 hours after i got to work that morning. what a long frickin day but oh so interesting. I stayed back to watch them fix a broken leg. all that drilling was gross but it was a wonderful learning experience.
i learnt how to do a castration today. so all those guys out there..beware. dont cross my path:) i know how to hurt you permanently
but anyways im slacking off at work now. im going to get back to it
testicle killer signing out

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Monday, January 06, 2003

Just Chillin'
im here freezing in nassau. not freezing but cold. why is this weather so terrible? but its ok. its nothing i cant handle. my swim with the dolphins was very exciting. I have the pics to prove it. i ended up in a wet suit after all and it helped alot. But im missing warm weather.
dont know what im doing tonight. probably nothing. ive been watching alot of dvd's and sleeping a whole lot. this is truely the life.
i should be home soon. well not home but trini.
back to school.

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Sunday, January 05, 2003

Lap of Luxury

so im in nassau
so much to write and so little time. i dont know where to start.
i guess the main reason im here is to work
and boy am i working. 830 to 600pm every day. on my feet all day and they got me sewing up dogs and everything. its been a wonderful experience so far and im learning oodles.

today i go to swim with the dolphins. its freezing but i think i see wet suits here so hopefully it wont be too bad. im excited though.
ive been able to do so much. i dont want to go back to school.
but all good things come to an end
and the sushi was lovely.


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