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Saturday, December 21, 2002

It worked!
i made it into the 10 most recently published, all with the help of my refresh button!
i'm very bored!

pink slip from URL @ 11:20 AM

Another one....
Is it just me or does anyone else ever get their blog to be one of the most recently published blogs on the blog home page????????????????????????????? no matter what i try, my blog is never in the last 10 published...grrr
i'm bored....

pink slip from URL @ 11:18 AM

A Pink Slip Blog
The semester is finally over...and thennnn.....

It's been a long 4 months...and we get a whopping 3 weeks vacation! To do what with? Work of course! And the work is all realted to school! Externship program and project research, you gotta love it to do it!
The Xmas spirit didnt quite sneak into me till sometime this week, unfortunately it sneaked in tad too early, before my last exam, so u know what the studying was like! heheheh
I've done all my shoping, except one last gift. I tried to shop sensibly instead of getting 5minute crap! I'm also gonna find time to do something special for my nephew...take him for icecream after we go pick out his gift and a gift for a friend...I hope he knows he has a spending limit! And I know he can count, add and subtract by now! lol
My flight is at there'll be no sleeping tonight...I just cannot wake up at certain body puts up its own DND sign and waking up after 2am and before 5am is PROHIBITED.
I dont mind writing a long blog, cuz I know there are blog hungry ppl out there looking for something to read! I call no names!
Something good happened today, my landlord actually called me and consulted me on something...i.e my garage space(which i dont use unless friend(s) with cars come over. But that is not the point! Someone else is moving in and want to share the garage with me! Now you mustt wonder what is the big deal?!?! Well, when the guy next door(it is a family building), the brother, decided to fix up the other apt for his daughter to move in, he said nothing to me....proceeded to remove my clothes line and put in an extra door at the bttom of my stairs! nothing has yet been said! We dont have a good relationship! He also took the tap off a pipe that was in the garage, cuz a man was bathing there one time!Again he said nothing to me! So I was apparently invisible! grrr!
Today I'll clean the apt a lil, cuz i dont wanna come back to a dirty one next semes! Also pack my bags, hopefully before 4am(never happen!) and watch lots of tv! the cable here is much better than the selected channels at home! eg"Animal Planet"(don't be haters)
So I'm off to do my chores.
Sorry i had no lovely conversations about 'shoes' to share! But govie do keep us informed, work sounds fun;)
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pink slip from URL @ 11:14 AM

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

WHAT??? No More Vaseline?
exam went badly. im officially scared of failing now. so i have to study hard for the next two exams.
if i can maintain my sanity. Someone called me bipolar last night. And between thinking about florida and these damned exams im alternating between depression and mania.
can this semester just end already??!!

Ade Kinch from URL @ 1:49 PM

Monday, December 16, 2002

OK Im Ready
I reached a new low in the motivation department today. i couldnt get out of my bed. i slept 11 hours. Then i just decided that i had to get out of my flat. ive been laying around and chatting for too long. and here I am at main campus...on the internet:) but all is not lost. i actually did some serious studying and im in the mood for more. and these are the days of our lives..
im gettin all excited about going to FLorida. I actually miss my sisters (yeah it hurt me to tell them that:) and I cant wait to see my nephew. It sucks that I wont be going home to barbados at all this time around. Maybe its for the best.
No plans for Old Years. I'll be chilling in Nassau. So I hope to have a good novel just in case im stuck at home with nothing to do.
Im so excited to be working with this vet. He has all these plans for me and to finally be excited about doing vet work is a big step for me.
well im going to...STUDY:)

Ade Kinch from URL @ 3:06 PM

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