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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Sexy Threesome

thats the headline over the pic in the punch. Its the sunday punch and not the wednesday punch ( i dont think that exists) its not a bad pic though so i dont feel bad.
LIfe is insanely quiet. I just stay home and read novels. Im studying some as well and ive been jogging. My stomach is a bottomless pit though so i dont think the jogging will do much good.
I cant complain. life is good.

Ade Kinch from URL @ 10:08 PM

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Now that Im back at school i should be on with more regularity:P get it...fibre...regularity:D

so im back at school today after spending yesterday at home getting my life in order (i.e doing laundry) and my professor whose class I missed yesterday asked me if dengue goes and comes. He just happened to be at my concert on saturday and saw that i was perfectly well and i had absolutely reason to miss his class:) I thought it was funny. But the doc gave me monday off....what else am i to do but take monday off...really now!

fully recovered and back to the grind

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Sunday, November 24, 2002

To Hell And Back
its been a long time I know but much has happened.
First off Ive been sick. Like really ill. Lets just say even water wasnt staying down and intravenous fluids had to be used. Its the worst Ive felt in a while...or ever. But Im better now. been to hell, the hospital and back and Im just peachy now.
Our hall concert was last night and I was able to make an appearance. We did garbage wear. Lets just say my costume consisted of Cling wrap and some Glad bags. It was fun. Its good not to take oneself too seriously.

Oh yeah...talking about taking yourself seriously. Im in the Punch. i dont know who knows about that newspaper but its not entirely reputable. Sigh...From the same party I did last saturday. Im fully clothed so I dont think its a big deal. And its not like I planned it that way or anything. So Im not feeling insulted or anything like that. Maybe Im complacent. But I dont think its that big a deal. Im a Wednesday Punch Girl. hahah

Well anyways..Im happy to be healthy and I have new respect for for people who have to endure headaches (this was my second headache ever...lasted 3 days straight... go figure.)


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