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Saturday, October 19, 2002

Today I went into Port of Spain with the girls. Can we say sales? THis is why I love trinidad (well maybe love is too strong a word) I got this gorgeous top for 20TT..that about 3 US. Its pink and cutesy. very nice
tonight is another hall concert. i hope its better than the last one.

thats all


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Friday, October 18, 2002

What A Day
Apparently today was Wake Ade Up Day and no one informed me. I got 2 calls between 6:45 and 7:00 this morning. They were from folks who love me so that made it better, i guess:) However it disrupted my delicate sleep pattern. Its imperitive that I wake up at 7 snooze the alarm twice and rush through my morning routine to get to school for 8 (which never happens) So I had to sleep through my morning classes and drag my butt out of bed for a lab review. And now its Friday evening and Im a happy camper.

Yesterday I spent the evening at a bar, playing pool no less. I agreed to step out of my usual comfort zone and chill with my flat mate and her buds. I arrived at the bar at 1pm. Now I have this notion that if youre in a bar and the sun is still shining youre either an alcoholic or heading that direction quickly. SO I ordered Malta just to be on the safe side. I actually played an OK game of pool as well. Pool is one of those things. Its hard for me to be bad at something. I feel like if Im no good at something when i first try it then I cant bear to be in that inbetween stage where you look like a fool trying. But I got over it and I'm told Im a "natural". I had a good time just liming. Im sure I'm a bit closer to my death with the large amount of second hand smoke I inhaled but it was very relaxing all the same
My thought for the day is dont kick it before you try it!

pool shark ade

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Thursday, October 17, 2002

They fail to strike the fear of God in my heart anymore. I get no cold sweats or increased heart rate. They dont give my sympathetic nervous system any stimulation. i go in and expect the worst and come out thinking I could have done better...if only... It was mediocre. As usual. ANd I would have needed much more than a lollipop today.

Despite that...Im in much better spirits today. Its amazing, knowing someone loves you makes such a difference in the daily running of your life. :)

But at the same time love makes you stupid. Isnt it so terrible when youre more devasted about the break up than the pther party involved. Its like...hullo! Im broken up and you need not get on with you life so quickly. This doesnt pertain to me specifically. but whatever
anyways...class beckons

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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Im going on a of tonight. No more meat or cheese or chocolate or milk. Only veggies and complex carbs and not too many of those either. Nothing fried, only baked foods. No sugar, little salt and no food after 6pm.


I thought that was funny as well.

Test tomorrow. I will survive. This year was supposed to be different but I say that every year. I wonder if Im capable of changing.
well anyway...blogging wont help me to pass.

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Chitty Chat

I seem unable to have lighthearted conversation. Too many deep depressing thoughts.

nothing to blog tonight
swamped with work
5 exams in 13 days....thats not too bad is it?


back to Immunology

lonely me

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Monday, October 14, 2002

Huston We Have a Problem
1. Im back on blogger AGAIN!
2. Im in the library and Im supposed to be studying
3. I have an exam on Thursday and then 3 the following week
4. Im not studying.
5. I didnt study all weekend.
6. Im not studying.
7. Im blogging to avoid having to go study

I see a problem.
solutions anyone?


Ade Kinch from URL @ 8:34 PM

Brown Sugar
I watched Brown Sugar, Barber Shop and Vanilla Sky yesterday. now Im all movied out. Brown Sugar and Vanilla Sky got me thinking. I cant just watch movies I have to analyse and compare them to my life. But they were basically talking about true love and what you would do if you encountered it. Well maybe thats not what the movies were about but thats how I read into them (im a hopeless romantic)
anyways...thats a whole other blog all together. Im not in the mood to get all down and dirty with the whole love topic.

IN other news...

I went out on Saturday night and I was talking to this absolutely gorgeous guy. He was a bit tipsy (well very ) so he was all chatty and confessing to me. He told me that hed never ask a girl for her number because he couldnt handle the rejection. I just couldnt imagine what he was seeing in the mirror. It just goes to show that no matter what you look like, if the self confidence isnt there you'll never see what other people see.

love yourself

Ade Kinch from URL @ 9:39 AM

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