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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

I saw the biggest woman today with the tiniest cell phone.


Estimated Time of Departure: Thursday 29 August 6:35pm


Ade Kinch from URL @ 5:46 PM

Tuesday, August 27, 2002


If ever there was a time that I was ready to leave Barbados and go back to Trinidad it would have to be right now at 8:00 am, Tuesday August 27, 2002.

I feel like Im still a teenager.I thought that after you reached 20 things were supposed to get better. But it feels like same shit different decade to me.

Ive suffered enough this summer. Its time to go back to worrying about school. I'll take trying to get an A over dealing with other people's problems any day! At least at school i can shut the door, unplug the phone, turn on some music and get away for a while. Here, it seems like theres just no escaping.
im ready to go back to Trinidad

Ade Kinch from URL @ 8:00 AM

Monday, August 26, 2002

A pink slip blog
Story time: warning...very cheesy!
Once upon a time there was a monkey who loved bananas, and a pig who ate just about everything on the ground!
the pig and the monkey got along fine, once the monkey was in the tree, and the pig had the mud and grass. (mutually exclusive habitats)
one terrible summer hurricane JacK blew thru the 'farm' and monkey no longer had a tree to swing in. piggy didnt think twice about having monkey in the mud, so called monkey to get off the lightpole and come play in the mud. as u can imagine, monkey was not impressed. MUD??? but there was more than enough mud to get dirty in, and even more grass to dry the mud off! they learnt how to get along, and piggy and monkey remained friends forever, even when the trees had grown back. By then monkey didnt need the trees anymore, and was free to run in the grass, jump into lakes, and swim to other ends of the farm as often as monkey liked. piggy didnt like the water too much, so just lived vicariously thru monkey's swims!
ok this is too cheesy.
no comments necessary!

pink slip from URL @ 12:01 PM

Its such a strong word. Its not "dislike" But it must stand for really strong feelings. At which point is is ok to hate someone. What would they have to do to you to make it alright to wish terrible injustices on them, wish that they would just fall off the face of this earth and cease to exist. Even that hate?
Or should you never hate? hate the sin not the sinner type of thing. turn the other cheek. yuh know. what we've been taught in sunday school.
I used to think it was too much energy to hate someone. I really dont even hate the people that have done the worst things to me. But now Im encountered with this terrible feeling and it's coming natural to me. It would be an effort to not hate this person.

But I will try to curb these feelings because while Im sure theyre going straight to hell I'd rather not be in the flaming chariot right behind them.

So I dislike them with intensity. and i will try hard to love those who cant help but be stinking bastards!

its going to be a beautiful day. i can tell.

Ade Kinch from URL @ 8:36 AM

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