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Saturday, August 17, 2002

Im A Sore Loser

so I just lost to Marcus in Scrabble for the kazillionth time.I hate losing .I mean everyone hates losing but I detest it more than the average person.i was about to get into a imasorelosersoyouhavetosuffertoo mood when i switched to CNN. They were showing some footage from the September 11th events. It really put things in perspective. I was about to get on pissy about losing a game and there were people on that day that felt they had no other option than to jump from the umpteenth storey of a building. It was so disturbing to see people jumping to their deaths. Needless to say I got over the Scrabble thing really fast.


this is just a note to females....dont get flattered/excited when a guy stares you down or mutters some compliment. Men stare at ANYTHING in a skirt. theyre just like dogs in eternal heat. Theyre not picky....there just needs to be a vagina present and thats good enough for them.
I got a male explanation though... its not a case of zero standards....
men call at pretty girls cause they're pretty and they call at ugly girls because they think that the ugly girls arent used to the attention and will 1) be more appreciative 2) give them some.

men and women are just wired differently.

Ade Kinch from URL @ 9:36 PM

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

im home alone and bored. Not really bored....i just cut off more of my hair. Ive decided that inorder to stop me changing my mind i have to cause uirreaversible damage. the decision is whether to go natural or not. So with it off i have no choice now. this is until it gets really difficult to manage. then its off to the hairdresser. thank God for relaxer:)

babbling again

Ade Kinch from URL @ 7:56 PM

Hola otra vez,
I was asked last night about my opinion on the different roles males and females play in the "courtship" ritual. Its been a really long time since Ive been involved in such activity. I dont know how its done now. Should the male b the agressor? And if not how agressive is a female allowed to be? We can talk forever about equality but there will always be a difference between males and females (beyond the fundamentals;))
Women usually have it easy. Men usually make their advances known and we make the decision as to how far they can proceed.

This is my take on the whole situation. if you see something you really like then go after it with caution. this applies to both males and females. try hard not to get too involved emotionally and be flexible. Its all good not to be the kind that plays games but it seems like that kind of person is few and far between. So while you may not be playing coy you may be getting played.

but i dont know about it. things have been really easy for me. ade sees guy. ade gets guy:) not really. Ive had a few rejections but those were ages ago...i think


Ade Kinch from URL @ 7:49 PM

love is a wonderful thing by the way

Ade Kinch from URL @ 12:57 AM

It's Been A Long Time...

Im back in the blogging mood so beware this might be a long one.
I have a bit of complaining (yeah, true to form!!) and a bit of contemplation. But all the while Im smiling because I'm in a great place with my life right now.


Ever have something happen that totally alters the path your life is taking? A moment that changes everything?
I believe that you have control over most things in life...well a great lot of things.But some things are just "meant to happen" You can plan and work hard towards a certain life outcome but you cant control every moment. In these times I believe in Divine Intervention

I know some people that dont believe in God (i hear a collective gasp from the Bajans) It's just hard for me to fathom that concept. How can you not belive in God?? Just doing Biology or anatomy or Embryology or looking at the sea or the stars, not necessarily going to church....enforces my knowledge in the belief that there is something greater than myself in control. (but im rambling and thats an entire blog in itself)
Take home message:) believe in fateI or Divine Intervention (I dont know if theyre interchangable) and what is meant to happen will happen. thats not to say you cant plan or work hard for what you want in life but there are just some things beyond your control.

Im between a rock and a hard place.Ever know something is right and not know if your strong enough to do the right thing?? yeah im confused. sigh. it seems soooooo easy!! its hard being me sometimes (rambling and being crytpic) ahhhhh whatever!! (frustration)

Human nature...
ok too much for one night
more later

Ade Kinch from URL @ 12:33 AM

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