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Saturday, August 03, 2002

I got de festival fever!
Baje last night was great...I had such a good time :D
But knees are hurting so bad, and i so need to sleep. I need the rest, crop over isnt over!!!
I was upset that Rupee wasn't there tho:( And just a lil jealous that he would be on their truck for kadooment...i suppose I could jump beside the truck :) I love crop over... It's like you have a free spirit... everybody just having a good time! i actually danced with the paint man last night..u know what happened!!!! and my fingers are still blue!
I wont even bother to compare this trini carnival...two completely different and separate things! trini carnival has thousands more ppl...and everything is usually a live performance... last night... we coulda hear which ever song how many eva times, and no delays in between! and everyone was just so ALIVE!!! (but there were the posers! hehe) i actually bought drinks in there last night...dont know how i feel about that yet...but i suppose it is time i stop being cheap! back to trini posse... the dj's kept biggin them up... ok fine..we got tourists... but enough of the trinidad and leh we wukk up like bajans! trinis cannot test! that lil half whine thing and jumping up?!?!?!? leave that down south...
oh..something deep: i dont like rejection! guys are supposed to dance with any girl that appraoches them! lol.. we dont work vice versa here tho!
and i am also a horrible entertainer, thas why i dont extend invitations! my tolerance level fluctuates rapidly..i need lots of me time!
TING TONG.....(just came on the radio!)

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pink slip from URL @ 9:12 AM

Friday, August 02, 2002


Me....entertaining. I dont know how good I am at it...but personally I think I suck:P

I was so tired when those girls came in last night. BWIA (Better Walk If Able) came in at 12 something and we didnt get back til 1 somthing. I was sooo tired. but I decided to take them to the Ship Innn anyways. I ended up having a blast!!:) But the problem was I went in the same outfit that I wore to pick them up from the airport. I went into Ship Inn in FLIP FLOPS!!
it was all good though. I wine up myself as usual. All I need is music and Im fine!

Anyways...back to the grind and the Trini Accent :S

Ade the Entertainer signing out

Ade Kinch from URL @ 5:26 PM

Thursday, August 01, 2002

Trini Invasion

Today the trini girls land and then its madness nonstop til monday night. Im sooo looking forward to it.
This is my first time jumping and I think Im going to have a great time. I better have a good time cause that costume cost a bit of money!

Well anyways. this blog is boringness
i gone

party girl signing out

Ade Kinch from URL @ 5:09 PM

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

It's about time...
Now, a title like that could make on think of lots of things, for example:
1. Finally pink slip is blogging
2. Maybe pink slip is drinking 'rum'
3. The work week is over(but we know that can't be it)
4. I've found the love of my life.
You can choose...but I wish I did have some rum to go with this glass of Coke!
Tonight is my bloggin debut, and what better topic than MEN! heheheh
Tonight I am going to talk about The One...not Neo...but Mr. Right. Who is this Mr. Right anyway? What fantasy is he? Which book describes him best? Well, I am waiting on my Mr. Right. I believe that when he comes along, and true love is really found...a relationship will exist such that 2 separate lives truly become one...kinda like a split personality thing going on...(this sounds weird :s)
Yeah, so you find yourself so involved in this relationship, there is no opportunity for outside influences if you know what I mean... no looking out the window at the grass growing in what seems to be greener pastures. I long for Mr. Right...I want to be in a relationship where i can give myself fully, and my hubby do the same. It's about time...
But who is this person so perfect in your eyes? Or is that even what it is...perfection is a myth. Mr. Right is a myth. Just men and women out there in this world..and we all have different degrees of tolerance for each other. It's love that makes the difference. Mr. Right is a.k.a Mr. True Love.

[pink slip is a freelance blogger who comments on 3 popular weblogs.]

pink slip from URL @ 11:13 PM


Pretty heavy subject matter I know. But Im not depressed or anything. just pensive. The summer is coming to an end. I know Im kinda rushing it but I cant help but feel it coming and of course i have no control over it. Just a sense of impending doom at the back of my mind...a nagging thought.

I dont mind going back to school. Im looking forward to working at something and seeing if its possible for me to put effort into this thing for once in my life. It's the other stuff thats bothering me. And its not the leaving home part either. I love my parents but we have a much better long distance relationship. maybe one day I will regret that but for right now its alright.

Its the other leaving my baby behind. :(

I have everything I want right here in Barbados and yet I have another 3 years in another country. Then after I graduate Lord only knows where I will be able to find a job. SO ....everything is PERFECT and it really SUCKS ASS all at once.
To live for the moment or to analyse everything. Enjoy the present or dread the future. To have everything you need and still want more.

Am I too greedy? For this God will laugh in my face and throw me a curve ball!

But its still a beautiful life and i will just be happy in the moment. I cant plan the rest of my life so I will have to see what happens.

WOW...what a long blog.

chatty hypa shine signing out

Ade Kinch from URL @ 11:02 PM

Seacat Disaster

ammm.....longer is better with everything but seafood. remember that.
EVERYTHING...but seafood.

Ade Kinch from URL @ 12:04 PM

Pickled Seacat
I dont know how to make it but Im trying

Only I have no clue how long you cook it.
Do you cook it long or short? Id stick to long when in doubt. It's tough anyways.
its blowing up like and alien in my pot.
this stuff is so gross.
Im obviously a bored person.
i know

Ade Kinch from URL @ 9:11 AM

Monday, July 29, 2002

wishing summer could last forever

Ade Kinch from URL @ 1:16 AM

Propah Pork Tonight

East Coast was cool/nice/fun. It was a good lime. I wouldnt call a great party but maybe thats my fault.. I shoulda been up in the crowd at the front getting on all dibby and stuff. But I didnt want to go by myself and the accompanying others arent like me in that respect. But I have to say Im DEFINITELY in the mood for Kadooment day. The songs are sounding better and better.

When I say Hypa.......

Ade Kinch from URL @ 12:33 AM

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