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Saturday, May 25, 2002

Keep That Funk Alive

Exam results are out...and I havent found out whether I have to be back in August or not. Im a bit nervous but somehow I dont want to know til I get home. So pink slip. Keep it to yourself:)

This week is Fleet Week. So I went down to the Pier to go on a war ship. There were helicopters and everything. It was a great experience. Saw lots of cute men in uniform. Actually they werent that cute. I expected better. maybe the coast guard uniform just isnt cutting it. Well whatever it was the guys werent all that.

I went to China town for lunch afterwards and I couldnt resist getting the fried pork chop. It was so much food! So i had fried pork chops for lunch and dinner.
I got a tan today too. Im going to invest in some bronzer. I love the look.

So Ive come to the conclusion that I need help. Im here watching MTv and these little boys from B2K are really working it. Why dont they have someone my age bumping and grinding like that? Im feeling like a dirty old woman. Oh yeah....there's Usher. hes not cute though.

Dont worry baby daddy:) just looking.

Do I have anything intense to write today? Nope. I think my brain is on vacation.

Oh yeah, The US is a very image centred place. i think Im buying into it. Im not trying to lose weight or anything. Lord forbid I have to cut down on this delicious food. But Im buying make up and tight jeans...looking for cutesy sandals. Trying to be all cool and girlie. I guess you have to try different things. Who am i fooling. I've always had tight jeans:) Got to show off the Boot-tay! (what am i writing????)

Im going to Brooklyn soon. Im actually missing Flatbush. Im in my West Indian element there. Home away from home.

random: I want to buy one of those I love NY tshirts. Im going to!!:)

random2: I love N'sync

random3: 96% of girls love being kissed on their neck and ears. mmmmm. I dont know about ears. But there's this one spot in the neck. OK this is way too much info. I need not watch MTV and blog.

and by the way...being deep is overrated

Dumb shallow chick signing out

Ade Kinch from URL @ 10:55 PM

Friday, May 24, 2002

Memorial Day Weekend

Today I was a beautiful day. I got to wear a sleeveless top. YEAH! Went to Macy's and some other places and I think Im done spending money for a while now. maybe until tomorrow. I got the pics from graduation developed and a few are worth it but some arent worth the Kodak paper theyre printed on. I will scan them later.

But now Im in a funk. I dont know why.

Maybe Im missing home. I dont think so. Maybe its cause Im not missing home all that much that Im in this mood. Maybe Im emotionally worn out. Id like to stay in suspended animation for a bit. just stay in and not do anything but sleep and watch TV. When I get home I have to work. Maybe thats why Im not in a rush. I only have a few things drawing me there (who's my baby daddy?) but its mostly a replusion thing going on. Im not ready to deal with the reality thats Barbados.

Why are New Yorkers always saying their pizza is the best? I cant judge but if you ask a New Yorker about pizza they will say its best in NY.

They keep talking about the inevitability of a terrorist attqack in NY. Not that it might happen but that it will happen. As usual super woman Ade is not phased. I have this dumb "it could never happen to me" mentality. So Im generally fearless.

Oh and another random thought....Ive forgiven Brett. it's OK that he doesnt try to contact me or whatever. Thats just how he is. Maybe one day he will value the important people in his life.

Still no sushi. Still no blockbuster movie viewing. Sigh. What am i doing? Im not living my usual NY life.

Im still miserable.

Im doing laundry.

And by the way...I turned heads in NY. Im a diva!
I wore a yellow shirt today:) Im very into yellow now. Its a "look at me" colour but not as much as hot pink. I dig yellow.

Yellow Lover signing out

Ade Kinch from URL @ 10:17 PM

Bittersweet Symphony
Im back in Ny after my trip to baltimore. I slpet almost all the way back. I was so tired but the cold ass walk from the car woke me to hell up and now Im wide awake..and blogging:)
What a day! I t was so beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky and it was warm too. I didnt need a jacket. The only thing was, underneath the tent was hot so I had to leave after Brett walked across the stage.

First off, I just have to say I miss my grandparents so much. I spent the day with Brett's and theyre so darling! Im sorry I never got the chance to appreciate my grandparents. sigh. Well they were married 56 (i think ) years and theyre still in love. I hope I can be like that with my husband (baby daddy) after that many years. Love is a wonderful thing.

Back to the graduation thingy.
I went to the black and Latino graduation ceremony on wednesday night. I saw most of the summer scholars there. Took a few pics but i had to leave after 45 mins to go out to dinner with Brett and his family. We went to this Italian retaurant. I had chicken alfredo after i had the calamari. I dont want anything but alfredo. YUMS.
And my dress was hot. its not really my dress but we'll leave it at that.:)
The today I went wandering on campus. Saw so many folks. I stood up by where the graduands were llining up and I got to see most people then.
I went to Marta's apartment and of course she was late. I met her family. Saw Adonia in the line up and Rory looking all handsome in his cap and gown. Saw people I didnt want to see. I had people act like they never set eyes on me in their life. But its all good. I got updated pics of my old roomies:) I can put the before and after pics up when i scan in these new ones.

But I have to make special mention of Ms Amy Kim. No mind she had me waitin gto see her like I was about to take audience with the Queen:) But she looked all girlie and sexy mama- ish. I can wait to develop the pic and put it on the web page. I can just see her in some slinky outfit and some red lipstick. heheh
But seriously, thats one person i would have regretted not seeing. iw ont get all mushy. i really hate that kinda stuff, but I hope i get to see her Korean ass again!:)

Oh and one more thing! Trust me on this on. No matter how over someone you are, it will always kill you to see them with your replacement. Today with Brett and his girlfriend was torture. It had the potential to ruin my day. but I found other things to do. LIfe is funny like that.
So thats the run down
undergraduate signing pout

Ade Kinch from URL @ 1:13 AM

Sunday, May 19, 2002

Ground Zero

I went to Century 21 today and that store is right next to where the World Trade Centre used to stand. It gave me chills to see all the pictures and flowers and teddy bears tleft in that area. All those people...dead. At that one spot. Its creepy.
But people die everyday and its all a part of life etc etc so I got over it quickly. Especially when I realised I had to get a ticket to go to the observation deck. I hope they are free. I mean, for someone to make money off that venture is just sick to me. I dont care what fund its supporting.
Went shopping today with Adonia. Im looking for something to wear to the graduation. im not seeing anything. i look fat in everything I try. And its not helpping that I ate Burger King today. But I did some serious walking around. so maybe It worked a little something off.
Im missing my folks a whole lot as well. Especially my baby daddy and pink slip:)
Still no word from Brett. Yeah Im a little bitter that I travelled all these miles to attend his (and others) graduation and his ass hasnt contacted me yet..after two messages left on his voicemail. But people change. that's life isnt it. And people stay the same alot too.
But Adonia and I had a good time like old times.
Ok Im off to bed now. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

Ade Kinch from URL @ 10:30 PM

First Thing Tomorrow...Sushi

so Im here in NY. It hasnt sunk in yet. I guess when its light tomorrow I'll feel the excitement. But seeing the skyline tonight was like coming home. I love this place. I could live here.
Tomorrow I meet Adonia to find shoes for her graduation. I think I will walk where Im going. I need to exercise. and NO MCDONALDS! No fast food. Healthy eating.
ok im going to sleep. Its been tough with all the partying Ive been doing.
Off to bed
New Yorker signing out

Ade Kinch from URL @ 12:26 AM

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