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Sunday, March 24, 2002

I'm Home!
What a wonderful feeling. Really. Suddenly my world doesnt consist of school, a dinky room and a computer:) I'v been busy all day with no time for self reflection and all that jazz that gets depressing at times. Sometimes you just have to live life without all the contemplation and deliberation. Just do what you want to do for once.
I went out tonight and even though the place was empty I had a super (hahah...what kinda word is that??) time thanks to Mr. Joe Grind and company. No pressure. just good music and a better dance partner.You have to love the old dub. It's an essential part of every fete.
I havent made it to the beach thus far...well into the sea at least. Ive been busy sleeping...all day and I think I will just continue the trend tomorrow. This place is relaxing. And sisters are cool...even when theyre getting on your last nerve. I dont know...I thank God I wasnt an only child.
OK...enough vodka laced babbling (not much really!) Im going to bed now....
life is great
can we get an Amen!!??
God save the kitties!

Ade Kinch from URL @ 3:08 AM

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