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Change Is Good

Saturday, September 04, 2004

I got the blues....

but whats new? It's always one thing or the other with me. I got my hopes dashed a few days ago. I was holding on to an idea of the future in my head and even though the odds were slim they were just enough to allow me the occasional dream. And now its not a possibility.

But I'm always focussing on the past or the future. Im never content with my present.

Im never content period.

I just wonder when I'll have some security and stability in my life?

But in better news
I was on the road taking blood from pigs for 12 hours on Thursday and I actually didnt mind it. Yesterday was a long day (10 hours) but this is times better than sitting in a classroom trying to learn stuff that has no apparent relevance. Next week is Equine again. Gotta love those horses.

I went out last night after much coercion from the bf. I didnt want to go . Im PMSing like a beatch and I felt like a puffed up bullfrog. I had a blast. Carnival is going to be great. Even though its looking like i wont be getting any costume deals this year. So anyone willing to donate 300US to the Make Ade Happy For At Least 2 Days Fund....feel free to contact me.

It wont kill me if I dont play mass.

And finally Best of luck to Pinky and Marcus in their new chapters of life.
Go on and do your thing
much love.


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