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Change Is Good

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Standard After Baje, Mildy Inebriated Blog
ok... so this was the best baje for the year. 7 rum & cokes (my trini man taught me how to hold my drinks), soaked EVERYTHING and hundreds of wukups later, i admit defeat.  If this is any indication of Monday.... I dont know if Im going to make it.
BUT lordy..... I cant wait for kadooment day. i got my costume today and of course I had to try it on. Lets just say that I got the best costume for my body type. So if thick gals are your thing.... watch out.  This costume looking hottah!

(8)"If I cant be with you tonight..... dont want nobody else" (8)

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I've been to the beach once. My days are spent reading novels (the non-thought-provoking kind) and chilling with the fam. Unless its Friday night or Wednesday night there's no partying/outing for me. I havent even been to the cinema.

Surprisingly Im enjoying it. 

But Im going to need a tan before monday. Cant be jumping all pasty.

Hopefully I'm going to collect my costume today and see what kinda drugs peanut was on when she ordered these sizes.....

and dont you hate it when youre just about over someone in real life and they appear in your dreams. I had the most beautiful dream last night. i hope to have no more shark dreams.

where did this stuffy, sick feeling come from. NOT NOW DAMMIT!

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Like No Other

Didnt make it up East Coast this year. But Im super happy Edwin won. There's something enduring about him. Its great to see he still has it in him.

So I was on the phone with pinky and she was giving me running commentary while I listened to her TV in the background (I got Direct TV). After I got off the phone.... I was thinking, how many times have we done that same thing... chatting on the phone, making  comments, while watching TV. I swear we've been doing this exact thing since primary school. There's something enduring about pinky. Its great to see shes still around when so many others arent.

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