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Change Is Good

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Best Baje EVAH!
wow. this fete was fantastic. I had the B girls (minus shea butter) with me and that made a whole lot of difference. Peans and Kiwi...you two were sorely missed. But standard wukups on raisx... shadow (??) didnt come to collect... but next time forsure.

People just keep looking at me funny. (8) I get high on de music (8)
I absolutely CANT wait for Kadooment day. I am so sure this is going to be phenomenal.
something to look forward to.

(8) Ah say yuh cant get no horn, boy!(8)
gosh Im missing MUT standard!

ade 4 temptation 0


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Friday, July 23, 2004

There is always someone telling me where I'm lacking, where I've fallen down or come up short. But when I'm home it becomes a chorus. Maybe thats why I like having a boyfriend so much. Because it's nice to feel, even if it's for a short while, that someone thinks youre perfectly amazing just the way you are. Faults and all.

hormonal like a b!tch


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Thursday, July 22, 2004

pinky & i - partners in crime
ever the adventure! tonight we conquered the boat yard. i wasnt expecting to have a good time but great company and a couple drinks made all the difference.

 a few trini carnival songs came on and i was reliving the ecstasy... people were looking at me funny. they just dont know. they have no idea.

(8) Im your queen; youre my King... my daaaarrrrrliiinng!!!(8)
lordy i miss MUT!

id have to say it was well worth the free entry and the cheap drinks.:)
after hearing a few of the songs for this season... i can tell its going to be amazing on the road.

and you know youre getting old when you finally understand what they mean when they say that "Youth is wasted in the young"

so many teeny boppers....

off to bed

ade 2 temptation 0

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Show Me The Money!

Where do they get off spouting drivel with no regard for the effect of their words? Men truly annoy me! And by men I dont mean the rare gems of honesty and integrity like Poster X and the ex. I mean those vile creatures whose main purpose in life is to rack up as much pussy as possible before they die. Who achieve this by luring females under false pretences. I can respect the all out male ho. He shows what he is and the women that involve themselves with him know what they are up against. But then there are fiends who try so hard to pretend to be what theyre not.

I wonder where I would be if I believed him every time he expressed interest in me being his one and only... or if I believed his empty promises and lies.

Forget all those empty words and platitudes. Ive had enough.... if you want to get with this you gotta show me the money b!tch!

Disclaimer: "show me the money is not meant to be a gold digger's mantra or a prostitute's demand. It is simply written here to mean show me the proof or action speak louder than words... something like that. and yes i know i must have blogged this already but im newly fed up!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

strength isnt exhibited in avoiding challenging situations. I faced off with temptation and was victorious.
Babysitters Club
I spent the day looking after the little baby girl with my mum yesterday.  She is a real sweetheart but the more time I spend with my sister's kids the more I feel my ovaries shrivel. I have the love but i dont think i have the energy or patience for children. They have a habit of being miserable for no apparent reason (oh my... that sounds familiar) The decision was just about made this morning when they woke me up at 6 to help get the babies ready for daycare etc. I think Im a bit too selfish for motherhood. I treasure my sleep.

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im thinking about all these guys ive been infatuated with at one point or the other and im wondering what the big deal was in the first place. half of them are the biggest losers.
men are just insecure cowards.
thats my opinion

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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Turn Me On
I almost forgot. soca has finally made its way to MTV. Its been dubbed as part of the new dancehall craze and thats annoying but its good to see our music represented finally.
Kevin Little is all over MTV and theyre pushing that song like crazy. You cant watch videos without seeing that one. And he's even reached #7 on TRL (total request live).
Who knows... maybe Rupee will be next (that was for you Kiwi)

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Good To Be Home
Baje was totally enjoyable. I could hear Mase's "Welcome Back" chorus in my head. lol. The best thing about it was seeing those peeps you havent seen in ages. The dancing was fun as well but I feel so 'been there done that'.
And its amazing how little things bother me.
such as
The Comments: I got about 3 fat comments.
#1: mummy: "When you lose 10 pounds then you can wear that top."
I wore it anywhere and rocked the hell out of it. rum and coke stains and all:)
#2: guy from neighbourhood. " You get fat!!!" and for good measure he repeated it later in the night  just in case I didnt hear the first time.
#3: former hopeful:"What you been eating in Trinindad" and to that  I have to answer "The good stuff!" Bettah ask somebody!;)
Other Comments
random guy: "girl you looking sugary" ive never heard that one before. A for effort and originality.
car full of guys passing as we walk to the car : " That want bulling" At first I thought they meant govie pooh. He was looking quite botcey lishus(made me want to reach out and touch). I was assured otherwise. wtf!
How am I supposed to defend Bim from the rumours that we have the biggest gay population when even the women inspire a$$ f*cking thoughts?
I think that was the last outing til kadooment though or at least til the 28th when shea and peans come back.  Pinky seems to be enjoying things for the both of us:D
I might be getting old forreal.
Bring on the BIG 2-5!

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