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Change Is Good

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Govie To The Rescue
Govie saves the day...well the night. lets hope his valiant efforts arent in vain.
I WILL have a good time tonight.....
i will......

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According To Plan - Anywhere But Here
I was supposed to come home and attend my first baje fete of the year. The details of how it was supposed to come off werent clear but the objective was. It doesnt look like I will be making it tonight and for some reason I cant bring myself to be upset.
Maybe Im numb to disappointment, or Im tired from the delayed(as usual) BWIA flight or Im so used to being home on a Friday night or maybe I just miss MUT already. Whatever it is...my bed is calling and Im about to answer it.
Lovely start to a lovely vacation?...Im thinking so.

bah humbug

im happy to be home.... really I am.

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Monday, July 12, 2004

Im Psyched!
I cant wait to get home. Im defitnitely feeding off the pinkslip's energy. I know it will take all of a few days before my mum and I fall out about something or I get sick of seeing people that get on my nerves...but I need to remember why I dont like to be home too long.

Woman Obsessed
The issue of my weight gain plagues my mind constantly. MUT is totally fed up with my whining and misery. And I cant blame him. He wonders why I beat myself up like this...but he has no idea.

Two weeks with my family was enough to send me over the edge. They love me I know, but gosh the comments. I left Trinidad content in my ignorance and came back on the verge of insanity. And I know when I get home its going to be worse. Bajans consider it their duty to be your scale/ critic/reality check/ ego deflation aid... The first thing out of their mouths is some dumb comment on your weight. As if I need help feeling bad about myself.

So... be warned. If you come up to me and mention my weight in any negative fashion I will be forced to swear in your general direction and I might even point out one of your glaring faults.

Im not totally over it but Im getting there. I went to the beach yesterday and there were women almost twice my size strutting their stuff and looking quite sexy too. If they can do it... Why the hell cant I? Sexiness is in the attitude.


good to get that one off my chest:)


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