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Change Is Good

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Strike Up The Band
I need a break. Im tired of this place. I thought I was a big girl and I didnt need to be home so often. But I miss my family and friends and just the comfort of being home.
Especially when I hear the pinkslip partying down the place.

So I'll be home with bells on next friday. just in time to shake my bootay. With restrictions however. So I will have to live vicariously through the pinkslip and her wild self.
Oh my. the tables have turned!
who would have thought?

Me, Jane
Ive been working with a vet since monday and yesterday we made a trip to the zoo. I got the opportunity to get up close and personal with a lion that looked like he wanted me for his afternoon snack. I was scared out my mnind even though we were a few feet apart and there was a good bit of metal between us. That had to be my scariest experience ever. Even though he was secured I was imagining all kinds of ways for me to be mauled to death.

what a rush!

woo hoo... BIM here I come.

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Monday, July 05, 2004

B*tch and Moan
It was going to be another one of those blogs but Ive decided against it. I cant seem to maintain a relationship but so what! Im not going to be this person for the rest of my life:) I have some maturing to do.

Im over it.

Gym News
I went twice last week. And I lost 3 pounds:D Its really not that much considering how far I have to go but its a start. Some inspiration.

Ive spent 5 years being chubby/thick/saucy/ rotund.... and I think its time I lose this fat. I want to look cute in short skirts too:)I cant make it for kadooment so my goal is to look EXCELLENT for carnival 2k5 whether i get to play mass or not. Its my last year in school (God willing) and it's time for me to get dedicated and disciplined. Oh yeah and Im going to do well at school to...

have we heard this before? yes... but I have to have some faith:)

all is well.

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