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Change Is Good

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Maternal Smaternal
yeah i got over the maternal thing. Im light years from being ready for that stuff.
im setting 30 as my year for babies. enough time to get my body in shape, change my lifestyle and keep in shape, enjoy looking hot and having money.

Last Blog About Weight til I Lose Some

Im back at the gym. Nothing like looking like a beached whale next to my sis (that just had a baby) and a spontaneous decision/coercion (thanks to peanut) to jump for kadooment to get me moving.
Ive changed my eating habits as well. No more chinese and KFC from MUT. This is torture but I want this fairly badly. I doubt I can do too much in a month but its worth a try.

and the section is Garnet....

its going to be great... I hope.


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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Ive returned...to trinidad. I have a strong urge to call it home because its beginning to feel that way. I mean (8) Barbados will always be home(8) but im definitely enjoying my stay here. I actually felt a twinge of what I feel when I fly over Bim after a time away. Just a twinge. Im glad Im settled in. I would hate to have to be here if I didnt like the place.

I had a great time in FL. My nephew is a trip. Honestly he drives me nuts but I miss his antics already. And my niece is getting more adorable by the day. SHe actually let me hold her sometimes. Some how, as much as I love the little ones they dont like Auntie very much.... story of my life:D

So MUT comes for me at the airport with his son. I decide last minute to treat baby MUT with a movie (with his daddys funds:)) and somewhere in that theatre with MUT holding one hand and Baby MUT's head resting on the other shoulder I felt like I had found perfect happiness.
Its going to be nice to have my own family.....


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