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Change Is Good

Friday, June 04, 2004

the horse died
its such a shame.
i guess he was more daredevil than hero.

hopefully Smarty Jones will win the Triple Crown to make up for this.

Im in need of a happy ending.

ive taken to watching Home and Garden TV. I can only take so much of the entertainment channels. But im not sure if this is an improvement.

(8) You should see...whats on HGTV!(8)

and who says my life isnt exciting!


im preparing myself for the possibility that i might not get home this summer.

that would really suck.

good ol trinidad

the race thing comes up sometimes. not as often as one would expect (except during elections) and im not really affected. im the only black person in my apartment and all of MUT's friends are of east Indian decent and i hang out with them just fine. but if it was time to choose sides i obviously wouldnt hesitate. I dislike Panday as much as the next person.

But it reared its ugly head recently and it bothered me so much. why cant we all get along? especially blacks and indians. I mean we're all coloured. the only difference is the straightness of the hair and not even that sometimes.

but i dont waste my time lamenting on things i cant change.

i just do my part.

do unto others....

im actually not as "despondent" as i seem on this blog. life is fine. i really cant complain


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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Daredevil Hero
I went to the races this Monday. It was the first leg of the Triple Crown. The horsey I showed you, Top of the Class ended up winning all three legs and the Breeders cup last year. Hes a celebrity.:)
Who knew I would end up loving horses so much.

Well unfortunately this new star, Daredevil Hero threw his jockey and went on to win the race jockeyless. They tried to catch him after the race but he was just too fast. The poor horsey fan off the track and fell into a drain. That was the excitement for the weekend.
And Shrek 2 is the greatest. Its so well written. Laughs for the kids and the adults.

Miss Universe
Tuned in last night at 9 for a dose of self hatred:) Its like watching the music videos on BET but worse.

Its just sad what "beauty" has come to. So many of the Caribbean countries had some light skinned long haired chick representing whats beautiful in their country.

And its so endemic in this country. You check out the latest Baje Intl party and its saddening that the only women that photographer could find to take pics of are red with curly hair (no offence peans, daana or pinky).

And I have this argument with Trinis all the time. They say Barbados doesnt have beautiful women. Our women are gorgeous... they're just not as mixed up as theirs are. Its a different kind of beautiful.

Its a shame our own men dont feel the same.

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