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Change Is Good

Friday, May 28, 2004

Thats Dr. Pinkslip To You
Congrats to the pinkslip. Im so proud of her. Shes leaving me in this God forsaken place with the murderers and kidnappers and crockery thieves.
My bestfriend is no longer a (cheap) phonecall away.


We have this shuttle service at school. And sometimes it runs regularly and on time and other times not so. When its working properly its great but you expect it to. Why have a sevice if youre not going to do it right?

But on those days when its iffy and you manage to catch it...especially when you werent expecting it. Its euphoric. It feels like you just won the lottery.

Finally. Best of luck to the BIG DOG. Sorry...the SUPERSIZED DOG now.
Im your number one fan:)

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Monday, May 24, 2004

My Curse

Someone just hit the nail on the head. I am absolutely NEVER satisfied. There is always something to analyse and to pick at and pull apart.

Trinidad is driving me crazy. I have NO LIFE. I want to be home so badly...I miss my family and friends.

But I can be sure that if I was home Id want to be here.

The Better Half

It seems that everytime I watch one of those murder mystery documentaries it about a husband killing a wife or visa versa.

Talking about husbands... im going to be 25 in september. And I was thinking about the qualities I absolutely require in a husband. I mean no one is perfect so we're all going to have to settle for less that optimum but this is my must-have list.

1. Good father

2. Attention giving

3. Understanding - Im a handful. He's going to have to accept that

4. Exciting/Intriguing

5. Secure

I bet when its time for me to marry I fall for some totally unacceptable person.

If only I could relax.

where are my happy days dammit??

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