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Change Is Good

Thursday, May 06, 2004

I Can Handle It.....
i can understand when I play the a$$ and I just barely get through. But I put so much effort and time into that assignment... and I thought I got it perfect. I dont know how I got that grade.

The temptation to say....F*CK IT! is strong in this one.

i hate this frickin school.... so very very much.

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on the eve of the carnage.... im confident that this will turn out fine. im going to kick some ass in these exams...but without a doubt, some of them will kick my ass.

but this is life.

how can i study hard when i have to ask myself over and over again.... why do i need to know this sh!t?

by the time may 21 rolls around i will be very familiar with the art of canning (tin vs aluminium) and carcass inspection at the abattoir (I kid you not).

can you feel the power?

and i say again

bring it on!

and one more thing.... i would come to the library everyday just to oogle this rory look-alike. I feel like Alicia Keys...You dont know my name(8)

just cause i have a bf doesnt mean im blind!!

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Monday, May 03, 2004

Study Break - prevention of cerebral combustion
yes i know i need a life.

i did 3 hours straight. im so proud of myself. i stuck with it until nothing was being retained and I found myself giving people Extreme Makeovers.
He could do with a chin implant, she could use some lipo and a breast augmentation. He could have his ears pinned back and some dental work.

Its one of those signs I watch too much tv.

Yeah, when you start wanting a body like a video ho... theres something wrong with you.

I plan my life around the MTV 10 spot. Monday - RW/RR CHallenge. Tuesday - Real World, Wed - used to be Newlyweds but now its nothing interesting. Thursday - Making the Band. MUT thinks I need to grow up. Who the hell would want to grow up? I'll be watching MTV til Im 40.

Im also cleaning out my inbox. (28 pages - no good)

theres only so much you can do online without messenger.

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How Could I Forget....

theres this new channel on cable.... Synergy TV. Basically its Caribean music videos and documentaries. Well theres this piece on Kadooment... and it makes me want to jump sooo bad.

and more importantly..... kiwi just cant seem to dodge cameras.

shes such a celeb:)
see her looking all hyped in her red costume.

thats all
im really going to study now.

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Meltdown #2 & 3

I dont know... it seems like studying is something other people can get done with ease and I struggle with it every single day. I know everyone else in my class is in focus mode and Im the only jackass that cant manage more than 2 hours at a time with 4 hour TV breaks in between.:( I seem to have problems doing the simplest of things. Its like Im trying to walk through water every single day of my life. And the rain wont stop falling... how the hell am I supposed to get up in the morning?

I succeeded in driving MUT crazy. I now know that even though its not something he would do willingly, if pushed, he can easily walk away from me and never look back.

I spot a trend.

But Im not single. As lame and weak as it seems Im happiest and unhappiest when I have a bf. And since Im a thrill seeker of extremes.... that is what I prefer. :) There's definitely something special there. wonder how long this one will last....

I miss msn messenger.

Poster X youre in my thoughts.

off to study... I cant wait til this $hit is over!!!!

but who really cares.. right?


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