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Change Is Good

Monday, April 26, 2004

Meltdown #1
this time of the year is the worst for me. The months of minimal studying and getting by have culminated into one big panic fest for phase examinations. At least this year I dont have relationship problems and tonsilitis (knock on wood) to add to the mix.
So 11 days from the beginning of the end I get one large panic attack. It happens when you compare all that you've done thus far to what you still have remaining to do.

And the poor bf....he's not equipped to handle these episodes. I will drive him crazy by the time May 21 gets here. :D But I managed to pull through with a little help from an old aquaintance. they really come in handy. and all is well again. Im back on track and Im going to mash up some exams! (wishful thinking)

One day I'll get my act together... one fine day.

And in other news... Im in the library and there's this Rory look alike sitting across from me. Talk about some nice scenery. I miss that yellow boy.

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