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Change Is Good

Friday, April 23, 2004

If Change Is So Good....
then why the hell cant I seem to do it?

Procrastination and stupid decisions will be the death of me.


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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

All Falls Down
Today was just one of those days. My lack of focus finally caught up with me. I didnt do very well on my Small Animal Medicine exam, but quite a few people failed. That doesnt make me feel better though. I shouldnt be getting C's but you get out what you put in so I'm lucky I passed.

And then that exam today was something special. I'll be lucky to pass...

and i know my big sis and mum are cringing as they read this. :S

Then I lost my ID card.....

And they are telling me that I have to pay for my exam card because I was in Barbados and then sick as a dog so I couldnt collect it.

But I feel things are about to look up. A wonderful evening with the bf (its our 2 month celebration today:)

Two productive nights in the library.

If theres anyone that can pull this off its me. Just a bit of sacrifice now and I'll be fine in a couple weeks.



i should be an inspirational speaker

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Monday, April 19, 2004

I see the horsie love isnt catching....Well i find them to be most beautiful creatures.
does anyone read this anymore......?

my week in review....

"i think im going to be sick"
- understatement. spent 4 days unable to consume anything wihtout it being returned from whence it came. And Im the ONLY person in the world that can do that without losing one pound. BUT Im better now. it wasnt pretty.

im back to watching movies by myself. having a guy living in "South" while you live up north is almost as bad as a long distance relationship. There's no...see you in 5 mins. It takes longer for him to reach my house than for me to fly to barbados.
review: Chasing Liberty...aiight.

After the distraction of Barbados, the crippling effect of sickness and procrastination..... IM ABOUT TO STUDY.

Bring on the funk
studying drives me crazy.

18 days til phase....


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