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Change Is Good

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Some Pics To Cheer You Up

here are the pics i been promising since christmas. no costume pics however. im not pleased with those.

Heres the mommy horsie and the baby horsie (mare and foal in adult speak)

and the daddy horsie (stallion)

and the big man in the business before meeting me (Derby winner, Top of The Class)

and isnt he happy to see me? I just have that effect what can i say?

and my body doesnt want me to go back to trini... i think im going to be sick.

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words are just inadequate sometimes.
something like "sorry about your loss" or "my condolences" just cant convey the depth of feeling you experience when someone close to you loses someone close to them. but what else is there to do...but say it anyways and hope they understand.

im so sorry

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Monday, April 12, 2004

and govie is a 'ho
dont let him fool you
saw him in action

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The Best Blogs...

happen when im inebriated. not to the point that I'd fail a breathalizer or im unable to walk a straight line....but to the point of feeling nice.

i went to Extreme tonight. Not because i wanted to but because if I didnt go out the whole time I was here I knew Id regret it. When I got there I was sure it was going to be a sh*tty night. I tend to forget that Im not the same age as peans and kiwi and im a quite a bit above the age of the average xteme partier.

At first I was sure I was going to have to down excess amounts of vodka and cranberry to make my night (shoot me Im flawed) But the night turned out to be great. Lots of cute guys... confirmation that even with 15 extra pounds Im on top of the game....saw quite a few people...killed a few birds with one stone.

And best of all realised that in a room filled with buff guys, a few admirers, a bit of alky in my head and nice music I was still able to miss the bf lots.

(8) I'm your queen, youre my king.... my darling(8)

and kosbert is back at home and wreaking havok
life is good



i wish people would see that missing someone isnt a sign of weakness..... tired of playing stupid games


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