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Change Is Good

Friday, April 02, 2004

it finally happened.
someone mentioned it.

Fam'ly: Ade, you know you putting on weight

sigh. Ive been stressing about it. but not doing a thing to lose it.

And MUT is doing NOTHING to help. KFC lunches and chinese dinners and all that great stuff in between ;)

My will power to lose this weight isnt there. Especially when i cant bring myself to find it unattractive.

I LOVE the way i fill out some jeans;)

And I havent heard any complaints .... so why lose it, right?

Because I know when I hit Bim and get my (and I quote) SAUCY a$$ in a bikini, I'll wish that Trinidadian KFC original thighs weren't the best thing since the female orgasm.

Ade from homepage @ 4:15:00 PM

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Trinidad - I Kid You Not
I went to this lecture thingy on saturday and they started off by introducing the speakers, "Unfortunately Mr. _____ couldnt be here today. He was abducted."

They're double featuring The Passion of The Christ and Peter Pan in the Globe this week.

4 people died in a car accident this weekend. a man and his fiancee. they were on their way to a gospel concert, set to marry in a week. And the priest that flew in from Jamaica to marry them was also killed in the crash. A truck just came out of nowhere and hit the car.

Good News though...
but today is a holiday. and trinidad has the most in the world.

its really such a good place to go to school.

the ticket is bought and paid for. i'll be home in a week. for a week:D

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