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Change Is Good

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Im in the library on my way to do some studying. ive been good about it for the last few days.

My housemates are done their exams and have gone home.

And I quote from the note one of them left for me, "Now you can walk around the apartment naked."

House to myself for 2 whole weeks. now what's a girl to do with all this solitude?;)(6)mwahahahah

I must be wearing my wanton sex goddess outfit today. in the time it took me to walk up the steps of the library and into this computer room ive been seriously chatted up by three guys. Two of which proposed marriage. Men will say anything!
Its nice to be appreciated but this having a bf thing sure comes in handy:D

off to study
going to mash up some exams


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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Another Kinch Girl - Healthy 6 pounds 3 oz. All Is Well With The World

she was a kinch girl from the start. quite strong willed. we told her she had to be in that cramped up place til april but she had other plans.

I like the march 22 date.

no name yet... we thought we had 3 more weeks. well not that its my decision. if it was Id just call her Ade Jr. cause shes going to be just like her aunty.

Check out that angel

I was going to rush home but since they've been good with sending pics (same day delivery) I'll just hold out and go home at the same time as Neeks. So look for me at home for Easter, God willing.

Delayed Carnival Info
seems like the bajan girls couldnt hide from the cameras this time around.
thus far we've been spotted in the Guardian, triniscene (about 4 times) and poison's website. Not all flattering pics...laughs @ peanut, kiwi and me.

got my wine up on timmy...he was looking to catch a fyah my bumpah.

i disappointed myself recently. mummy would kill me for losing focus. but im back on track. but funny enough my disappointments didnt result in major casualties (yet). still at the top of the class;)(so far)

also... no matter what the consensus is on the potcake... no one has inspired me to be my best like he did. and that has got to mean something.


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Sunday, March 21, 2004

for anyone who cares.
the big sis QT was much appreciated and the baby is alive and kicking a whole lot. and she seemd to like the bf which is always a good thing.

my life has grinded to a halt. ive done absolutely nothing this weekend. i think i like it but im not sure. you know me.

this is all.


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