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Change Is Good

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I Had A Dream

Dont you just love/hate those realistic dreams. I had one this morning, sometime between two phone calls. It just stirred up all those feelings I'm capable of suppressing during my waking hours. It caught me off guard and there was this profound feeling of loss when I realised it was a figment of my subconscious.

But always remember it is better to look forward with optimisn than to look back with regret.

So Im OK. This new relationship is absolutely safe from destructive outside influences so long as he stays on his side of the Caribbean and I stay on mine.



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Monday, March 08, 2004

so.... as fate would have it... Cbean star's superlow rates dont apply to Barbados.
so guess who's stuck receiving copious amounts of attention from her bf. moi.
i would have prefered just a few vampire kisses but i will settle for another kind instead.

and studying... of course.

cant complain

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