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Change Is Good

Friday, March 05, 2004

If you cant bring Moses to the mountain.....
my sister refuses to bring my nephew to see me... so guess what im trying to do. go home:) I have a week off.... caribbean star has an amazing sale.... it was wirtten in the stars.
my project is going well
life is great

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

When Plan B Fails
My plan A was to study as the semester progressed so Id be ready for these exams. That failed.
Then my plan B was to study hard last night. But Im sick...post carnival immunodefficency. And I took some panadol multisymptom and slept. I woke up in a panic at midnight... Plan C; crammed for about 4 hours, gave up and slept.
Needless to say Plan C failed. and prayer was Plan D. we will see how that went.

but no more of this!
im going to be a good responsible girl from now on

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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Average Jane
I had the overwhelming urge to watch the season finale of Average Joe 2 last night (it had something to do with the exam I have today I believe) But it just cemented the stupidity of women in my head. She had this guy that was totally in love with her (albeit he wasnt that easy on the eyes) and she had this other guy that was hoping to get an acting job through his experience on the show (regular blond heart throb) Guess who she chose.

It broke my heart that she would go for the obvious meat head (i even shed a few tears). I was thinking... havent women learnt ANYTHING? Looks are sooo secondary. The primary thing is how a guy treats you. But I understnad her point...if it isnt there theres just nothing you can do about it.

I go for the average joes myself. however they usually take it upon themselves to become super eye candy while with me and after my reign to attract the regular air heads that wouldn't have pissed on them while they were my diamonds in the rough.

anyways it seems that women will go for the shiny exterior. DUMB B*TCHES!

Sensational Trinis

If one more person tells me about flying fish im going to curse them.... Jesus will understand. They have totally blown this thing out of proportion over here. It just makes me think that the majority of trinidadians are brainless folks with mob mentality.

Like take for instance this outbreak of Infectious Laryngotracheitis in some trinidadian chickens. They had the nerve to call it Bird Flu just to sell some newspapers. Dont mind mass hysteria...we can print whatever the hell we want!

One disease is an influenza virus that kills people and the other is a herpes virus thats harmless to humans. Thats like having a woman with a cold sore wanting to perform falatio. Dont worry you arent prone to VD outbreaks all your life... just a flu that will last 2 weeks!

ONE MORE THING (i know no one is reading all this crap anyways)
In the news today: a guy left home on Saturday and came home on Sunday only to realise that bandits had made off with his house! I shouldnt laugh but how funny is that???!!! hahah. They will take anything... even if it is nailed down!

life is good...even though im screwing around with my future. off to study

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Monday, March 01, 2004

to whom it may concern
i just thought it was time to share. I will be an aunty again to a baby girl sometime in april. i think i announced this already but just incase you forgot. God help her with the terror that is her big brother

life is good

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Sunday, February 29, 2004

lesson for today

dont do the crime if you cant do the time....

sometimes i wonder why my brain ceases to function at inopportune moments.

ah well
whats done is done

but not bad if i do say so myself

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