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Change Is Good

Saturday, February 21, 2004

No Longer Single - A Lesson In Never Say Never

lets just say the MUT has done everything right.
its time to stop being a commitment-phobe and time to let go of the past.

BUT a trini man.... something i swore i wasn't going to touch with a ten foot pole.
so far so good:)

Carnival In TnT(8)

so far so good

of course the peanut is having a blast (so it seems) and attracting massive amounts of attention. and its such a small world...the potcakes nephew is smitten by her. guess those bahamian guys cant get enough of a good bajan thing;)

cant wait til monday

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

First off valentines day was very close to perfect. I went sightseeing with some stops on some very nice trini beaches(never thought id put those two in the same sentence) and then partied the night away. Thats just what this girl wanted:)
In the space of a weekend about 4 of MUT's friends suggested he try to get my with child to trap me and make me marry him... I thought it was funny, slightly flattering and totally out of the question. The world is my playground and im going to be one kickass vet (self praise...)and Trinidad and Barbados are DEFINITELY out of the question.

SO Much For That Idea

Costume wearing days are coming up and I was supposed to be looking exceptional this time around. Well so much for that idea. I tried some situps this morning but the horse is long out the gate. i.e. I got nuff guts. But this is me caring. Dont let anyone fool you... carnival monday and tuesday are not about having the best body. Men are so inebriated they dont even care. I might still post pics even if i looking more sousy than saucy.

Stop Me If You Heard This One - Soca Diva Catfight
It happened a little while ago but since I havent blogged in a little while... well you get the point. Apparently there was a weave pulling encounter between Saucy Wow and Destra. I dont know what Destra thought she was doing going up against Ms. Belfon. Needless to say it was a pretty one sided battle. say no to drama:)

I hate funerals.

that is all

ready for action:D

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