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Change Is Good

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Sex Sells

We know women can use their bodies to get just about anything. Take for instance Britney Spears and Madonna. Marginal talent with just the right amount of flesh and sex translated into record selling success. Compare to India Arie, loads of talent, no flesh... well you get my point.

Ive been talking about this to classmates and I've been called a hypocrite and holier - than - thou. But it bothers me that women "have" to pull stunts and become progressively more naked as they become more famous. Dont get me wrong Im all about using what the good Lord gave me to my advantage and Im definitely one to try to be sexy but where is the line drawn?

Beyonce writhing in EVERY music video, Britney Spears in panty hose cat suits, Xtina getting dirty doing the stripper squat, Janet Jacksons sunshine nipple, Destra's hot shorts clad crotch in my view at Bazodee.... and the list goes on and on and on.
There are lots of ways to be sexy and covered (mind you I wont be exploring those avenues carnival monday and tuesday;)) And I think its commendable when a woman sticks to her convictions and refuses to cheapen herself for success. example Alison Hinds.

I just dont know whats next. How long will be before Im watching thongs and bare breasts performing on stage? Machel's Power Puff girls come pretty close, half of trinidad is well aquainted with between Buttercup's thighs....

But that is what men like.... mindless creatures!!!:@

Never mind ladies, Lennox Lewis, Boris Kudjo(sp??) Malik Yoba all present for carnival 2k4. Its our time now!!:D


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click here for a pic of my valentine

but as shown here i have to share his affection

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

mother's arent supposed to die. there should be a rule in Gods books. ive already told my mother that she has to go first. she has 2 more daughters and she will recover, but i have just one mother. theres no coming back from that.
so a friend's mum died. and it hit me so hard. it was so close to home.
i love my parents and my family. i must be the first to go, i couldn't survive losing any of them.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I Believe In A Thing Called Love
This video is hilarious and Im totally digging this song. Its sooo funny! Who the hell ever heard of The Darkness. Imagine white spandex catsuit on skinny guy with flowing red hair and red lipstick, space ships and killer squid. yup... all in one video.

I believe in a thing called love
Just listen to the rhythm of my heart
There's a chance we could make it now
We'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down
I believe in a thing called love
Ooh! Guitar!

(you have to scream this part)
Touching you, touching me
Touching you, god you're touching me

Real World tonight:D

and Valentines Day should be nice this year. Nothing super special and heart stopping but just good times, good company and a tan (weather permitting). I cant ask for more.

and yes i still believe in a thing called love. it will conquer all:)

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Monday, February 09, 2004

i know i will survive all of this and everything will be all right.
i have great potential.

i'll try not to forget this the next time im about to let someone kick me in the teeth

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The Ability To Be Hurt
I just cant seem to lose it. It seems like Im always the last person to gain immunity to nasty things said or done. Its no wonder Im avoiding a relationship like the plague. I dont want to go there again.

F*CK MEN! all of them. I am SO SICK of the drama and the disappointments and the pain. I cant seem to remember any of the good stuff anymore.

And I was sooo tempted to give into MUT the other day. he treats me so nice and he's dying for me to be his gf.

If I come on here talking sh*t about I'm no longer single... someone fly up here, hit me REALLY hard and knock some sense into my head.

Carnival News
Two events this weekend (Panorama and Ladies First) and true to form I enjoyed them both. Im BACK:D I must admit I had help from my friend Johnny Fernandez Bailey. Thats sad but it had to be done.

I also tried on part of the costume and the colours look absolutely gorgeous on me. It's going to be a wonderful time. I have no doubt about it.

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