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Change Is Good

Friday, February 06, 2004


Ive been mood swinging. Got bad news yesterday. No potcake for carnival. I miss him!!

BUT the show must go on:D

Ladies First tonight. Im going to have a ball. I realised that Ive been waiting for these parties to make me enjoy myself. But this is me... I have fun anywhere, any time. SO I will have a blast tonight. for free:D


Whats cooler than being cool? MY SHOWER!! but at least it served a purpose last night

Colour TV...CSI, The Inferno.... Real World. My life is complete now.


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Thursday, February 05, 2004


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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

For Your Entertainment

Initially, there was a black & white TV. I complained and fussed but then I got over it cause I definitely didnt have the cash to buy a new one. Then one day these lines appeared out of nowhere and the viewing quality diminished drastically.i.e. im seeing fuzzy outlines of people.... so its time for a new tv. but being that we're students, we comb the classifieds for a used one. we spot one.... 300TT perfect! How bad could it be?

SO yesterday we go check it out. Plugged in the prehistoric beast. Its ugly but at this point I dont care. i just want to watch Real World in peace. Id even go for black & white real world. Im desperate.

So Elmo comes on. At first he's all fuzzy and technicolour magenta. I look at my housemate doubtfully. She looks back at me..... we decide to give it a minute.... elmo fades and becomes less blurry. Soon hes that cherry red we know and love. Not so bad!
then suddenly elmo becomes a washed out pink. its time to go.

no tv
no real world

this is the life of a student.

hark...theres one advertised for 400TT.... we will see how that goes

and of course the janet jackson ripping thingy was planned. who wears sun shaped metal clips under their clothes??? gimme a break!

Men of the world rejoiced!

life is grand

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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Im such a wuss. This cold had me knocked out yesterday. So I stayed home today. And my housemate made me chicken noodle soup.... how sweet is that? Im well looked after here.

We did a castration yesterday. Took out poor Spot's jewels. Interesting stuff.

Real World tonight:D

and im back into the studying groove. Im going to mash up some exams:D

'Careful What You Wish For

There was this thing that I wanted for such a long time. I used to think it was an absolute necessity. So recently I made the effort to own one. Only to find out that I really dont want/need one. So its there catching cobwebs. The story of my life, wanting what I can't/don't have and then casting it aside when I acquire it.

The thrill is in the chase >:)

and finally....

whats up with my dogged devotion to the potcake? pardon the pun...*snicker*

some people just dont know what they have 'til its gone..... tsk tsk tsk


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Monday, February 02, 2004

Im sick. I have a sore throat. Whoever said that getting wet doesnt make you sick... I say Im living proof...Old Wives Tale my a$$!.

I was not Bazodeed. I enjoyed myself somewhat but it wasnt the same reckless abandon as last year.
Then I went to an all-inclusive yesterday and it was the same thing.

I just dont know what is going on with this carnival season. Im soooo not feeling it.

I mean yuh look forward to something for an entire year and when it comes its just not what youve built it up to be in your head.

Maybe when my Bajan counterparts come to flood these shores things will start to look up. But at this rate.... I just dont know.

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