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Change Is Good

Friday, January 16, 2004

Week In Review
5 days into the trini experience and im having the 4 hours a night kinda insomnia. This place offsets my equilibrium.
And getting messages on my cell at 4 am doesnt help. No I didnt get back to sleep afterwards... you know who you are.

Once again I have to say I love vet work. I had an excellent week and I cant wait to go to the track tomorrow. I named a horse too. If you hear anything about a Wild About You horsey...know it was christened by me:D

I came up with a concrete resolution. I have a bit of Psycho Bitch in me. I have to get rid of it by the end of the year.

im in the library and this guy next to me is looking at porn......... can yuh do that?

ive been putting all my eggs in one basket. I had on blinders so to speak. But theyre off. Im not only single... Im single and LOOKING now.:)

i WILL post the horsey pics... later

I fell in love with a horse called Now or Never. Imagine that. Its my motto for 2004.

Finally got in the gym. yeah me.

enough random ish

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

sometimes im ashamed of members of my sex. I heard some stories yesterday that made me want to throw up. Women can be so money grabbing and whoring. So comfortable asking a guy cater to their every need... So incompetent and ready to give up their independence. So using and manipulative.

my prayer - Dear God strike me dead the instant I ask a man to buy me a house and strike him dead for his stupidity if he agrees

and as evil as some women are, some men are stupid as f*ck! Cant you spot a gold digger a mile away?

Real World - San Diego
I watched 2 hours of RW last night. I had to catch up. And one of the episodes was about race relations. It made me so happy that I wasnt in the states anymore (although Trickybad is a whole nother race story) I remember feeling like I had to prove myself all the time. Suddenly I wasn't Ade, Goddess of the Soul, i was Black and all the stereotypes that came with it.

While I was watching last night the familiar anger resurfaced. The feeling of frustration. All those ugly white chicks getting dates every Friday night and poor little black me staying home:) I was always the outsider.
Now Im still home on a Friday night.... but at least its by choice.

OK I lie. Maybe I wont be home this Friday night.:D

party over here!

carnival in TnT(8)


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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

2004, The Year Of The Kinch
as you can see I got in safely and im well settled into the sauna that is my room. Back to the ice cold showers and the black and white tv and the insomnia. But on a better note its not so bad. I got the day off today (im working with a horsey vet) and Im on my way to completing my To DO list... which of course includes a stop off in the library for some much needed internet time.
No one believes me when I say that this is my year. They assume that Im going to be like every other resolutioner and give up on my goals by feb. But im not even bothering to make resolutions. The improvements which really started last year are just going to be stepped up a notch. Im improving everything. Watch out!
And on that note I did better in an exam than I previously thought. I love coming back to good grades.

Horsey News

I love vet work. LOVE IT!
Yesterday I saw a brown and white horse with a blue eye. Just one eye was blue. I took a pic. It made me think of vanilla ice cream with hersheys syrup drizzled on it. mmmmm
And I saw the biggest stallion! I have a pic of that too.
Yes Im excited and I dont care if you arent. You will see my horsey pics and love them. Especially the one with the mummy and the foal.
And the vet is a (married) hottie too;) but alas theres only room for one hot vet in my life:D Nothing wrong with looking though.

back to the grind

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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Leaving On A Prop Plane
Im not done packing.
I have to be at the airport in an hour and a half.
heheh... can you feel the adrenaline pumping.
honestly im draging my feet cause i really dont want to go.
Trinidad depresses me. for no other reason than its the location of school. And im largely alone there. As thrilling as Ade is...

But anyways
mummy sent me off with a superb sunday lunch and the ethnic fatigue hit me over my head like a tonne of bricks. So im well rested and ready to go.
life is beautiful and this was one of the best vacations

im off to end the chatting and procrastination


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