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Saturday, December 06, 2003

Love Actually
what a movie! Not exactly a great singles movie but I enjoyed it all the same. Well most of it. There was this one part that I just broke down and cried. Not tears running silently down my face in a cute damsel in distress way, actual crying.

I'm such a wuss, I internalise these things and feel every emotion portrayed on these mushy films. But at one point I knew with all the conviction in my heart that I was going to end up an old lady, past the prime of her life, left for a super sexy 23 year old. But then again, at 16 I knew with all the conviction of my heart that I was going to die at 20... heheh. Yes these are the confessions of a demented mind;)

And yes I have a one track mind. Love love love. For the next week I will make the effort to talk about something other than guys and love and heartbreak and all that bullsh*t...

Recently I've been getting these visions of myself as a housewife taking care of my daughter and my husband with extreme pleasure. Doing things like cooking great meals and playing hostess and just waiting for my baby to get home....
I can't imagine that this could be healthy for someone four years into vet school. but for right now... that's what I feel I want to do.

future domestic engineer


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Thursday, December 04, 2003

5'5 with brown eyes (and thick thighs) seeks bold man not afraid of size;)
I cant seem to get rid of this bulge i have going on. Maybe its the lack of exercise... just maybe. But i feel like i hardly have time to breathe let alone spent an hour sweating in the gym. And it's such a sexy bulge!

And in related news...Ive been studying very hard.

After The Boys Of Summer Are Gone...

i had an interesting msn convie this morning (while i was supposed to be in class, lost house keys=long story)

Mad Girl says:
so did u wish u listened to the ppl who told u things

I dont regret anything.

I think youre more of a loser if you regret. If you make the best of a situation, remember the great times and learn from your mistakes then youre always a winner no matter how terrible things go and no matter what other people think.


I'll be home with bells on(8)

i hope my little sis makes it. things wont be the same without her. i got used to having her around.


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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Free Spirit Seeks Kindred Soul

I have a new role model. Its no longer Lady Saw. Its Christina Aguilera. Im sure youre noticing a trend. I like these down and dirty girls. I used to dislike her. I thought she tried a bit too hard to get attention. But Ive been watching a few documentaries about her and while I may not like her fashion sense... I like her style. I like that she's not afraid to go against the grain and do things differently. She's so...real.

You are beautiful, no matter what they say(8):)

One day I will be totally like that. Im somewhat like that now but some part of me still feels the need to conform. Much much less than before though. Im so isolated here I dont even get to hear what people think of me too often. I like it that way.

Moody again
Last night I was upset. And it was one of those nights where a call to Clermont would have done the trick. But now... theres really nothing like that anymore. No one to talk to that really undersrands and cares. Some people dont want to see me when my face dont want to shine...
So I dealt with it. All on my own. i.e I went to sleep.

and finally. I didnt do so badly on that exam that i thought i failed.

The Ophthalmology gods were smiling on me


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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Single Female Seeks Older Gentleman for Commensal Relationship

that exam was ok.

i had something to say.
but i cant remember.

oh yeah wouldnt it be nice to be engaged?



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Monday, December 01, 2003

Thrill Seeker Seeks Same

I need thrills in my life. Its part of my Never Be Ordinary philosophy. Right now my life is almost thrill less. I get my occassional thrill when my big sister calls and the love of my life decides to babble in my ear a bit . Otherwise I pay 6TT for a minute of accelerated heart rate and adrenaline and endorphine release. Sometimes I get 2 minutes if Im feeling a bit desperate. But then thats 12TT. Cant indulge too often.

Can You believe It?

Click Here ------> Pic of the love of my life

he's getting so big. I feel so old...... :S


The relationship with the most important man in my life needs so much work. I dont know how it got to this point and I dont know what to do to make things better. But something has to change and I will have to make it happen this Christmas. I cant take it forgranted that he will always be there and that I have time to work on it later.

I think I almost prefer it when we argue... almost.


who put the pepper in the Vaseline?


Ade Kinch from URL @ 1:53 PM

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