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Friday, December 13, 2002

Friday 13th....I Almost Forgot!
I was just wondering why my day was going so yuckily (yes its a word cause I say so)
Today is really my lucky day. My second exam went ok... maybe a little better than the first one but the grades will tell.
Two blogs in one day. I must really be running out of things to do.
I bought a really nice pair of jeans yesterday. Can I say WOW:) its been so hard to find a nice pair of jeans to fit my non-trini shape. But finally yesteday in Port of Spain...we found each other. And the better thing is that theyre 7/8 and I usually wear 9/10. TMI...I know.
So tonight Im going to the Base. Radioactive's anniversary party. Like why do these DJ's think that we care when they got together. But anyways....a nice place to wear my jeans.:)
well im gone. class til 4. can this day be any longer?

Ade Kinch from URL @ 12:40 PM

The Aftermath
neither of my pink tops were dyed properly. Lets just say I can practice tie-dye now. My room is messy again....Lord knows why i bother to clean it in the first place and I have 2 more loads of laundry to do.
the exam went ok today. nothing spectacular. Ive given up on Community Health. WHy do I need to know how to treat sewage? and i thought i did well on the last exam and I did crappy. so whatthehelleverdammit!

but its friday and i have one more exam...for the day. then only 3 more to go. Then its off to Nkosi land for me. Then the bahamas. im a lucky girl.
Today is my little sister;s birthday. no mind shes not so little anymore. how quickly they grow up:)

bigger (well older at least) sis signing out

Ade Kinch from URL @ 9:08 AM

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Important Things To Do The NIght B4 An Exam

dye two no less.
do laundry....two loads.
change the linen.....
check your mail.....
talk to Marcus online....VERY IMPORTANT

and sleep


Ade Kinch from URL @ 10:23 PM

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Nothing Happening
life seems to be slowly grinding to a halt (no im not going to die, I dont think) but things are really slow right now. Im just studying and waiting for the next exam to come around. Taking things one day at a time, one exam at a time. I doing ok though. For the amount of studying im getting done, that is. Im trying this time around..I really am. But the attention span isnt what it used to be. Well actually its exactly what it used to be when i was 5. But Im trying very hard and thats whats important.
Im sitting here in the computer room on halls. They finally got it up and running. The downside is no chat programmes. Oh yeah...and Im also sitting next to my professor from school. Yeah...the same one whose class I missed this evening cause I was in my bed sleeping. its a bit embarrassing. just a tad summarise....this is a blog about nothing and nothing is exactly whats going on in my life at the moment.

Ade Kinch from URL @ 6:14 PM

Sunday, December 08, 2002

I want things to change but then when they do I want them to stay the same. typical female? typical human? Maybe but to me its still disturbing how fickle i am and how unfair it would be to take anyone along for the ride with me.

My sisters best friend had a baby girl today. Ah the miracle of life...etc etc. I had a chance to spend time with a little one recently and I realised that my time for mummyhood is not near. I couldnt handle the tantrums and the need for attention and the constant fear that something could go wrong. I hardly know what to do with my own life. I couldnt imagine having to mould(sounds like a fungus) another life.

Still no significant studying being done in middle K. But at least I stayed at home last night. I was feeling a bit antisocial so i stayed at home and read a novel. im finished now so i have no excuse for not studying.
when will i ever learn?


Ade Kinch from URL @ 1:16 PM

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