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Monday, November 11, 2002

Vagina Monologues
Oh what a weekend. If you havent seen this play then you should go see it.
Being the financially challenged person that I am it was quite a sacrifice to go see this production. SO much talk about pussy. it really got you thinking...why havent I though about all this before. They asked things like..if you vagina was to get dressed up what would it wear....hmmm. Or if it could talk what would it say? heheh..... no comment probably!

Well I went to TGIF afterwards...more cash spent. But I have to say I had such a lovely fun time that it was all worth it.
back to the grind.
On top of it all Im having a bout of insomnia. I fell asleep in class (at least Im making it to class) and got targeted afterwards. And now I have class til 4.
what a long day

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