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Saturday, August 24, 2002

Two More Things

even though part of my day was terrible the other part was bliss:)i got my refuge

who is Poster X- man of mystery:)???

Ade Kinch from URL @ 11:53 PM

It's My Blog I Can B*tch If I Want To

this is bad. that im hesitant to write about my sh*tty (well partially terrible) day. since i got that comment about how much i complain ive been feeling bad about it.
but this is the warning...
this blog contains high levels of complaining. for those that want a happy dappy blog please go elsewhere. this is not the place to get a high on life.

there ive said it.

im noticing that my being ade kinch is annoying to a large chunk of the population. I voice my opinions and i upset the delicate balance of peace that resides in my household. not cool. is it me or is it them?? i mean it must be me. but WTF!!!

i just have to learn to keep my mouth shut and my opinions to myself.

Ade Kinch from URL @ 11:46 PM

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

How To Say Goodbye

The summer is winding down now....just a few more days left before i make my way back to T&T. I thought I was ready but Im really not. ugh.

Ade Kinch from URL @ 5:56 PM

Sunday, August 18, 2002

Pinker than ever
for those who can't tell by the title, this is 'A pink slip blog'

Pink has finally caught up with me, and is holding on tight, not letting go! I am destined to be pink. For as long as I can remember, I was never a big fan of the colour pink. Pink was just not me! Well, pink is no longer knocking on my door, but has come in and sat on the couch! So some of the effort was on my own..bought a pink top a few months ago...then i got another 3 or so as gifts( I hadnt announced the turn to pink, but i guess the world thought it was time!) So far so good... big leap: I am now living in a PINK house! PINK! I was really starting to appreciate the pink tops, but an entire house in pink??? It doesnt end there... my bathroom is pink..well peach, but pink enough. This is like a boot camp breaking in! Whatever happened to gradual? sigh.
I accpet my true colours!

Moving house
Moving house entails alot of packing, lifting, transporting, unpacking and cleaning! And it just happens that none of those are my favourite thing to do! In the slightest! We are almost finished though...and boy am I happy! first day in the house and guess what: 2 baby centipedes have been spotted and exterminated. I hate those ...*eeek*

The dogs also moved over today, and it took them all of 2 hours to decide they did not wish to stay behind the fence. after all the effort to concrete the base...they sniffed out the unsecured gate area and pushed their way through! so a good hour or more was spent reinforcing that part...something that was planned for, but got top priority sooner than expected! I was not amused! At least I'll have lots of skills to add onto my resume!
Fence fixer
Carpenter: had to take off a door in order to squish a bed into a room! it didnt work after all my trouble! :(
Receptionist...start work on tuesday
Nominee for the world's most laziest;) i know it isnt a skill but wha!

Hmm... it is now 4:45am, and i have 2 options:
1. stay up and look for centipedes, then sleep when others are up and can keep watch!
2. sleep, but where? do i sleep in the living room where one was spotted, or in my bedroom which has a zero incidence? probability can swing both ways! how about i say a lil prayer, and hope for the best!
I feel insomnia setting in...

pink slip from URL @ 4:53 AM

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